Applications will open again in February 2023!

Sadly as a part-timer you cannot applicate anymore. But fear not, in september 2023 you can applicate again for this amazing project!

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As a part-timer you have a very flexible schedule and can do pretty much anything you would like to do in the team. From management tasks to designing the damping system to soldering pcb’s to programming dashboard interfaces. 

We want the part-timer to be able to gain the experience out of the project that she/he wants. To give you an idea of the possible projects some example cases are listed down below. Please keep in mind that you can contact us with/without any task in mind. Together we will look at your interests and put you in contact with the corresponding department.

Below are some example cases to give you an idea of the possible tasks within the team.

Want to join our team as a part-timer? Submit your resume and motivation letter (max. one page) to

Example Cases