Formula Electric Belgium is a team consisting of motivated students from different campuses of KU Leuven and Thomas More. Each year, we take on the challenge of designing, developing and building an electric formula-style racing car in just nine months. During this process, we use all our knowledge we gained during our study career. We would like to share this knowledge and experience with the younger generations in order to stimulate their interest and enthusiasm for an exciting career in engineering! We do this in the form of STEM workshops, which means that we visit schools with one of our cars. Here we give a short introduction in which we tell how our team works and what the year looks like for us: from designing to building and racing. Then the students get to work with tests and experiments to discover all aspects of the car in a practical way. Finally, the students get the chance to see one of our cars from close by. This way, they see how the different parts come together in one project. By doing so, they discover the diversity within the engineering sector. A more detailed overview of the specific workshops can be found below. It is also possible to adjust the content of our workshop to the interests of the students. This way, we can give all students a taste of what an engineering career entails.


  • min. 20 students (<30km of Leuven) or min. 40 students (>30km of Leuven)
  • €9,00 /student (excl. BTW)
  • €0,50/km (not charged if the workshops are held at the offices of Formula Electric Belgium)
  • one session: 15 min. team presentation + 90 min. workshops + 15 min. car presentation)

For an optimal experience, we would like to have the following logistics possibilities:



2m x 3m surface

Electric Race Car

5m x 1m surface

Banners 4x (width: 1m; hight: 2m)



Beamer + screen


For more information you can contact stem@formulaelectric.be.

Register via the following form.

Datum beschikbare periodes 01/11/2022 t.e.m. 30/04/2023
Wij zullen contact met u opnemen in verband met de juiste datum en benodigde infrastructuur.

Voor het geven van de STEM-les vragen wij een vergoeding die volledig naar het ontwikkelen van onze wagen gaat. Deze informatie zal u worden toegestuurd.