Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Meet our new team, consisting of 52 motivated students from various engineering backgrounds. Together we will keep exploring the limits of our electric and driverless cars!


The management team consists of our Chief Electronics, Business Relations manager, Chief Mechanics and Team Manager respectively. These four gentlemen make sure the team sticks to its busy schedule and keep an oversight of all activities in their departments.

Koen Van den broeck

Chief Electronics

Rob Ulenaers

Business relations

Dries Van Lommel

Chief Mechanics

Thomas Verkinderen

Team Manager


Electronics, the black magic department. This contains all the parts that you can’t see, but are crucial for a great car. All sensors, motors, and safety systems will be designed and maintained by this team. The focus of this year is to improve the reliability and design an automatic testing system.

Koen Van den broeck

Chief Electronics

Tim De Bondt



With the driverless department we wil for the first time build a complete driverless package. Both the software side made up of several algorithms and controllers and the hardware side made up of the steering motor, LiDAR, safety systems and much more. This year simplicity is key as we delve into the driverless world.

Dries baeckelandt

Head Of Driverless

Maurits Van Mossevelde

Driverless Algorithms

Vehicle Dynamics

The Vehicle Dynamics department is dedicated to optimizing the performance of our race car by looking at everything that has to do with the movement of the vehicle on the track. This includes both hardware and software aspects, from the design and implementation of key components such as steering, suspension, and tyres, to the simulation and development of algorithms for torque vectoring, traction control, and semi-active suspension.
Our goals this year are to optimize our semi-active suspension system, continue to refine our algorithms, establish a hardpoint configuration to accommodate new tyres and chassis, and ensure steering compatibility with driverless

Antonio De Leo

Head of Vehicle Dynamics

Natanael Jursch


Louis Beeckmans

Semi-Active Suspension

Composites & Aerodynamics

From the monocoque to the smallest winglet on the car. Everything made out of carbon fibre passes through the composite department. A team of five young engineers will focus on improving and extending the aerodynamics of the car whilst keeping an eye on the R&D of next year’s car. The goal of an aero package is to create downforce so that a higher cornering speed can be achieved. However, effects such as drag need to be minimized. To come up with innovative solutions for these problems, specialized software is used to increase the performance and efficiency of this package.

Simon Verstraete

Head of Composites

Jordy Ceulemans


Manu Santermans

Head of Aerodynamics

Tijs Proost



Welcome to the Powertrain department, the driving force behind our race team’s success. We design the core components that power our race machines, including the mechanical side of the battery, four inwheel motors and their drives, gearboxes, uprights, rims, cooling systems and brakes.
This year is all about innovation. First, we’re upgrading to 10-inch rims, this will reduce unsprung weight and allow the use of better tires. But that’s not all, we’re introducing a new “outrunner” gearbox. This new gearbox concept allows us to place our motors and gearboxes further into the rim, delivering a substantial reduction in aerodynamic drag. These innovative steps also necessitate the development of new brake and upright designs. Moreover, in response to recent Formula Student rule changes, we’re revamping the battery casing.
Our aim is clear: implement these innovations while maintaining a relentless focus on weight reduction without compromising other performance aspects.

Wim Mertens

Head of Powertrain

Gilles Renard

Drives & Motors

Arthur Cornet

Battery Cooling


This year we introduce 22 new part-timers in our team. These part-timers will help us to design, build and race with the newest car in a flexible way.

Hannes Lemahieu

Jonah Fastre

Maciej Cegielko

Diego Vangeneugden

Alex Vanhove

Dieter Van Branteghem

Mykhailo Donets

Thibault Brackenier

Flor Decaluwe

Louis Geuens

Edger Van Der Linden

Ivan Bandora

Robbe Jacobs

Yigit Efe Keskan

Natasha Bienfait

Rania El Mard

Anna Guseva

Nirav Chheda

Lefty Verlinde

Sven Jaspers

Didem Erdir

Thomas Van den Bergh

Johanna Sturm

Ugo Duyckaerts

Dries Vercauteren

Nur Alda-Onggar

Elisa De Coster

Hassin Ahmed Jalap

Lorenzo Parmidiani

Luca Ciobanu-Mihailescu

Huseyn Karimzada

Gurleen Saini

Jerôme Vandecandelaere

Jan Martens

Luca Ciobanu-Mihailescu

Estel Ferrer

Zeynep Dirican

Robin Majchrowicz

Kajus Marozas

Gilles Louis

Victor Bullynck

Vincent Vansant

Research & Development

18 thesis students help us with research in each department. Thanks to them we can evaluate which parts, algorithms, materials,… we will use in our future cars. Research and development is a very important aspect of motorsport, especially in formula student competitions.

Bram Aertgeerts

Louis Libert

Thomas Brouwers

Manu Kranzen

Jarden Dirckx

Pieter Eelen

Rio Evrard