Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Meet our new team, consisting of 52 motivated students from various engineering backgrounds. Together we will keep exploring the limits of our electric and driverless cars!


The management team consists of our Chief Electronics, Chief Driverless, Chief Mechanics and Team Manager respectively. These four gentlemen make sure the team sticks to its busy schedule and keep an oversight of all activities in their departments.

Laurens Vangilbergen

Chief Electronics

Guillaume Degroote

Chief Driverless

Viktor Cockx

Chief Mechanics

Rob Vandecruys

Team Manager


Electronics, the black magic department. This contains all the parts that you can’t see, but are crucial for a great car. All sensors, motors, and safety systems will be designed and maintained by this team. The focus of this year is a new ECU and a new battery pack.

Laurens Vangilbergen

Chief Electronics

Wout Vanderwegen


Ward Smets

Embedded Systems

Tim Rens



On the driverless side, we will focus on validation of our algorithms, and do further research on data segmentation of Lidar data and dynamic controls using Artificial intelligence.

Guillaume Degroote

Chief Driverless

Seppe Sleurs

Mechanics Driverless

Vehicle Dynamics

The vehicle dynamics department consists of four motivated electro-mechanical engineers. We do everything that has something to do with the movement of the vehicle on track. This includes the design and implementation of the hardware such as steering, suspension, pedal box,… As well as the software and simulations regarding the optimization of the suspension setup, torque vectoring, traction control, semi active suspension,… This year we focus on optimizing the suspension setup of our latest car as well as some further research into the latest additions to our suspension such as the inerter, a new torque vectoring algorithm and the active dampers

Simon Devos

Head of Vehicle Dynamics

Dieter Evers

Semi Active Suspension

Thomas Verkinderen

Steering System

Matthew Snyman


Composites & Aerodynamics

From the monocoque to the smallest winglet on the car. Everything made out of carbon fibre passes through the composite department. A team of five young engineers will focus on improving and extending the aerodynamics of the car whilst keeping an eye on the R&D of next year’s car. The goal of an aero package is to create downforce so that a higher cornering speed could be achieved. However, effects such as drag need to be minimized. To come up with innovative solutions for these problems, specialized software is used to increase the performance and efficiency of this package.

Toon Vekemans

Head of Composites

Simon Verstraete

Torsional Stiffness

Pieter Peeters

Head of Aerodynamics

Jef Eyckmans


Henri Parez



The drivetrain consists of all the mechanical components that make the vehicle move. This includes gearboxes, electric motors, wheels and cooling systems. This department has been constantly seeking innovative solutions to transfer the power of the four electric motors to the ground through the planetary gearboxes and wheels. These innovations have resulted in the fantastic results of 2019 such as our fifth place in acceleration on FSG. This year they want to achieve even better results with a new wheel design, new battery pack and new integrated cooling system. Using simulations and test data they will keep striving for lighter and more efficient designs.

Seppe Ameel

Head of Powertrain

Dries Van Lommel

Drives & Motors

Stan Eykerman



This year we introduce 22 new part-timers in our team. These part-timers will help us to design, build and race with the newest car in a flexible way.

Lissa Berlo

Anatole De Becker

Nicholas De Bie

Naut Debruyn

Maxim Decherf

Lode Heylen

Arthur Huys

Shengze Lyu

Javad Nematli

Alvaro Piergili

Tijs Proost

Arthur Quintao

Remko Schippers

Louis Storm

Anthony van Bijsterveld

Andy Van Der Vaeren

Emma Van De Wouwer

Diego Vangeneugden

Lefty Verlinde

Willem Verstrepen

Research & Development

18 thesis students help us with research in each department. Thanks to them we can evaluate which parts, algorithms, materials,… we will use in our future cars. Research and development is a very important aspect of motorsport, especially in formula student competitions.

Bram Aertgeerts

Baue Boersma

Thomas Brouwers

Thomas Clayson

Jarden Dirckx

Pieter Eelen

Rio Evrard

Manu Kranzen

Yannick Lauwers

Louis Libert

Jan Martens

Manu Kranzen