Parttime – Software

As a parttimer in the software department, you will get to design, develop, and maintain high-quality code in various programming languages. You will be able to write code for the both the car with driver and the driverless car. All kinds of software are used, ranging from embedded software all the way to pathfinding software.

Ideal profile:


Coding skills in C and C++

Soft skills

Teamwork, communicative, eye for detail


Git, Linux, IDE of choice

What are the tasks:

It is an art to perfectly calibrate every system to get the most out of the car. This is what our vehicle dynamics department works on; they do a test drive to get information out of the car and see how the car performs and after analyzing this data they update the system parameters to see how this impacts the following test drives.
To quickly read out all the data we use an MQTT server to which we  onstantly send data through 4G. Create a web application where we can visually see all this data and even adapt some parameters.

To be able to let a car drive itself through a track of cones, the first step will be the detection of these cones. Each different cone has its meaning
in the track, so it is crucial to record every single cone and tell which type of cone it is without having any false positives as the area where the track is driven is not a flat smooth surface, but can include walls, bushes, lights, rails, etc.
We use a LiDAR system that lets us drive a track even at night. We use complex filtering followed by a lightintensity map. This allows us to differentiate yellow cones, blue cones, and big orange cones but the small orange cone is not yet detected. Adapt this complex filtering so that only cones are recognized.

One of the most essential components in our car is the battery. This 600V battery needs to be han-
dled with care and is not short on risks. This means that it is important to be able to monitor the battery’s voltage, current and faults. We use a battery management system that can send out these faults and other data by writing commands through a USB connection. It will be your job to make a GUI that automatically and periodically polls the battery’s information and display them on the GUI.


  • A field of expertise that is quite unique to this
  • Gaining exposure to cutting-edge technologies
    and industry-leading organizations
  • Being in contact and cooperating with the
    largest companies in the industry
  • A summer packed with international racing

Up for the challenge?

Submit your application to Your mail should contain the following:

  • The department you would like to work in should be included in the subject
  • A motivation letter (max 1 page)
  • Your CV