As a Powertrain Engineer, you will be responsible for the design and manufacturing of the drivetrain components that convert electrical energy into me-chanical energy at the wheels. The Powertrain De-partment is responsible for the entirety of these components.

Ideal profile:


Basic knowledge production processes of gears and milling (and their tolerances), electrical machines, bearings, gears and shafts

Soft skills

Teamwork, communicative, eye for detail


Siemens NX

What are the tasks:

The scope of this specific function encompasses all components that link the wheels to the engines and chassis, such as completing the design of a gearbox requiring optimization of gears, and designing new uprights through utilization of force analysis. Additionally, the individual occupying this role will be accountable for the design, manufacture, and validation of the remaining mechanical elements.
Furthermore, there will be involvement with composite materials during the production process of car-bon rims. A great interest and understanding in the subjects “Machine parts” and “Production Technology” is a great asset to this position.

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Within the department, you will be responsible for research towards the development of the drives that convert energy from the battery and deliver it to the four in-wheel motors.
This will include testing and evaluating different drive settings for optimal performance. Additionally, you will develop settings for the control system based on the consumer profile and validate the performance of both the motors and drives. Furthermore, you will actively participate in the design and optimization of electric motors through collaboration with partners.

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In this role, you will have the opportunity to work on the design and configuration of the battery system. This includes selecting and arranging cells in the most efficient manner to minimize the overall size of the battery. The cells will be welded together using laser technology. Additionally, you will be responsi-ble for the design of the modules in which the cells are placed. These modules will be housed in a com-posite battery casing, along with the electronic con-trol and regulation systems required for safe opera-tion. Your responsibilities will also include perform-ing structural analysis, overseeing laser welding processes, and working with composite materials.
In addition, you will also be responsible for the de-sign of the water cooling system for the motors and drives, as well as the air cooling system for the indi-vidual battery cells. This will involve performing heat calculations to ensure the cells can operate within their specified thermal limits and sustain the power demands placed on the battery.

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  • Hands-on experience in a competitive environment
  • Gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies
    and industry-leading organizations
  • Possibility to network and cooperate with
    (motorsport related) stakeholders
  • A summer packed with international racing

Up for the challenge?

Submit your application to recruitment@formulaelectric.be. Your mail should contain the following:

  • The department you would like to work in should be included in the subject
  • A motivation letter (max 1 page)
  • Your CV