As a key player in the management department, you will have the opportunity to lead and shape the future of our project, ensuring both team harmony and seamless execution. This includes managing crucial aspects such as external relationships with sponsors, finances, and event planning, as well as preparing strategic business plans and cost reports for our international summer competitions. By joining forces with our partners, you will help drive our vehicles to peak performance and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Ideal profile:


Project management, finance and business Administration

Soft skills

Communication skills, creativity, organised


Google workspace and MS Office

What are the tasks:

As the Team Manager you play a pivotal role in leading and coördinating all aspects of our team’s operations. You will oversee team members, mangage project timelines, liaise with sponsors and stakeholders and keep track of the budgetting. You organise team meeting, to keep the team updated and working efficiëntly.

Furthermore you have the final responibility for the financial planning of the team, and oversee the logistics and coördination for the different competitions.


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As the head of marketing you are responsible for how the outside world perceives the team. You ensure the good reputation of the team to both the general public and the professional world.

You will be responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to enhance the visibility, brand recognition, and sponsorship opportunities for Formula Electric Belgium. You will coördinate marketing efforts and collaborate closely with other team members to promote our mission, engage with stakeholders, and secure funding for our projects. 

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As Chief Mechanical Engineer you carry the final responsibility of the production of the entire car. You keep an eye on the coherence of all components by making the digital assembly of the car and maintaining effective communication between the departments.
To keep the production process running, you divide all manufactured components amongst our broad network of partners. To get the car finished on time, you set up a plan for the different departments that blends nicely, and ensure that everyone respects it.
Finally, you are part of the management team, ensuring that the entire team can function in a streamlined manner. Your central position in the mechanics department also means that you will be one of the main sounding boards for questions and advice for other departments.

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As Chief Electronics Engineer you carry the final responsibility of the production of the electrical systems in the car. You keep an eye on the coherence, quality and safety of all electronic systems. You keep an overview of both the electronics and driverless departments and make sure all systems work together.

To keep the production process running, you make a planning, and coördinate this with the production of the mechanical aspects of the car.

Finally, you are part of the management team, ensuring that the entire team can function in a streamlined manner.

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  • Experience in a unique field of expertise

  • Gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading organizations

  • Possibility to network and cooperate with international stakeholders 

  • A summer packed with international racing competitions!

Up for the challenge?

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  • Your CV