In the electronics department you are responsible for brain and the nervous system of the car. From safety systems to the high voltage systems. From dashboard and ECU to sensor and actuator nodes. In the electronics department you will be able to develop all these components from scratch. As a hardware engineer, you will design, assemble and test printed circuit boards and embedded systems in our electric race car.

Ideal profile:


PCB Design, basic understanding of electronics

Soft skills

Teamwork, communicative, eye for detail


Altium Designer & E-plan

What are the tasks:

A race car made by students still needs to be safe, as we drive at speeds up to 140 km/hour, work with 120A at 600V and have a driverless division. These safety systems need to be implemented following the Formula Student rules.
Your responsibilities will include designing the current, voltage and brake monitoring, designing the shutdown circuit (a circuit that cuts the supply of the car, when something’s wrong) and implementing the safety systems of the autonomous part of the car.

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For the high-voltage hardware engineer, this concretely means designing the setup of the car’s drives and battery, choosing the right cells, designing and producing the high-power PCBs, making sure the battery is compliant to the Formula Student rules.
You will also have to collaborate with the mechanical department to make sure everything fits in the casing. In any case, as the team’s high-voltage engineer, you will have to work with high currents (120 A) and high voltages (600V), which means you will have to work safely and responsibly.

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One of the most important systems of the car is the ECU or electronic control unit. Right now the ECU is programmed on development boards. In the following years we want to design and implement our own ECU and change the chipset of the battery managment system.

Your reponsibilities will include designing the ECU, together with several other systems like the battery managment system.


  • A field of expertise that is quite unique to this project
  • Gaining exposure to cuttingedge technologies and industry leading organizations
  • Being in contact and cooperating with the largest companies in the industry
  • A summer packed with international racing competitions

Up for the challenge?

Submit your application to recruitment@formulaelectric.be. Your mail should contain the following:

  • The department you would like to work in should be included in the subject
  • A motivation letter (max 1 page)
  • Your CV