In the composites department you are responsible for the design and production of the next chassis. 

Ideal profile:


Basic knowledge of material sciences and composite production techniques

Soft skills

Professional, mature and enterpreneurial attitude


NX Siemens

What are the tasks:

As Structural Engineer, your key focus is to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the car, while assuring that all subsystems of the car can come together in the high-tech wonder that is the Formula Student race car. 

This entails composite structural design of the main, load-bearing parts, proving their safety compliance through calculations and testing. Light-weight, strength and manufacturability is the name of the game!

With the goal of optimizing the chassis’ laminate without compromising structural integrity, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your creative ideas to life and see your designs driving on track. 

If you’re a talented Structural Engineer with a passion for innovation and a drive to excel in the field of racing, then this is the role for you. Apply now to join our team and make your mark in the exciting world of Formula Student!

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Formula Electric Belgium has always strived to build the most lightweight chassis possible. As Chassis Designer, you will be in charge of the final outlook of our next car, taking the placement of all our technical components into account.

As the designer of our positive molds, your work is crucial in creating a light, smart, and reliable design ready for manufacturing. You’ll use FEM simulations to analyze internal forces and stresses, ensuring the structural integrity of your design.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to oversee our ergonomics part-timers and make a real impact on the performance of our Formula Student car. The ergonomic design is the interface between the theoretical performance of the car, and the real human-machine interface which makes it possible for the driver to use this performance in the real world.

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As the Chassis Production Engineer, you will be responsible for our 100% in-house produced carbon-based chassis. You’ll work in close collaboration with our production partners and manage the team’s resources. 

You’ll add to our steep learning curve in the topic of lightweight construction with production methods since other departments, like Aerodynamics and Powertrain,  will rely on your production expertise of composite materials to aid them in their designs and production processes. This will allow you to help produce our carbon rims, and composite aero-package.

As of 2015 our chassis department has stayed true to its motto „light, lighter, CFRP”. But together with our R&D department you’ll investigate the possibilities to eliminate harmful substances of our composite components via the usage of biological fibers.

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  • Experience in an unique field of expertise
  • Gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading organizations
  • Possibility to network and cooperate with international stakeholders
  • A summer packed with international racing competitions!

Up for the challenge?

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