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After the great results on the acceleration, skidpad and autocross, the team was excited too start the endurance event. With a good time on this event, the podium would have been close. Unfortunately the encoder of one of the motors failed and put the Umicore Eclipse to a stop before she could finish the endurance run… It’s sad to end such a busy and great racing season with such misfortune. Luckily this is not the end for the Umicore Eclipse as we have great plans for this car! Below you can enjoy a point of view from the autocross run at @fsczech #sometimesyouwinsometimesyoulearn

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Without any problems, all four wheels locked during the brake test as the Umicore Eclipse passed her final scrutineering for this season. After a few laps on the test track, she returned to the pitbox for the ‘cost & manufacturing’ and ‘engineering design’ events. The team showed its worth and amazed the judges. The team is ready and excited for the dynamic events tomorrow! #formulastudent #fsczech #racing #electric

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