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The team is ready to build their new car. Check them out.

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Umicore Eclipse finally revealed!

After months of hard work we finally revealed the design and name of our newest car: Umicore Eclipse.

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Are you ready to be blown away? In 5 days you’ll finally get the chance to discover our brand new electric race car! Don’t forget to register via the link below 👇
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2 days ago

Formula Electric Belgium

We are working hard to present our brand new electric race car next week to the public during the Formula Electric Belgium Roll-Out 2019. During the summer, we will take this newly designed car to compete against Europe’s strongest teams, but a fast car is only fast with a fast driver. That’s why we went to JESCO Auto Training School for teaching our drivers how to race. Also thank you Sam Dejonghe for showing us how it’s done! 🔋🏎️

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