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The first competition of the Umicore Eclipse is a fact. Formula Electric Belgium went up north to Formula Student Netherlands. After a week of hard work we passed all scruteneering tests, performed very well at the static events and showed of the capabilities of the Umicore Eclipse on the track. You can find the whole story at right here ( . Make sure to keep following us on our next competition Formula SAE Italy! 🏎️🔋

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Today was the last day of Formula Student Netherlands. This morning we passed the brake test and thus collected our last scruteneering sticker! Being declared fully safe we went to the test track to let our car make some meters. Due to some uncertainties, we decided to not participate in the endurance but to focus on further improving our car so we can really shine in the next three competitions as we just heard the news we can officially compete in Formula Student Germany! Of course this and the successful first competition deserved some celebration with pizza 🍕🔋🏎️🔋🍕

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