As a young girl I remember watching Formula 1 on Sundays with my family, this spurred my interest in cars. I have always been interested in anything that moves fast and loved fiddling with anything that could be tinkered with… hence why I chose Engineering! Being a part of the Formula Electric team is an incredible opportunity where I get to work in a fast-paced environment whilst constantly learning “real-world” applications of things that were taught in the Bachelor classes.

I think that one of the most exciting things of being a part of this team is watching everyone’s ideas come to life. Because of this, CAD software has always captured my attention.

This year, I am doing my thesis together with Sander Dedecker on developing a zero-backlash steering rack for the autonomous race car. This thesis allows us to be innovative and think outside the box. It will be an interesting challenge to start from scratch and I’m up for it!

In my free time (of which there isn’t much of in your Masters year), I enjoy listening to music or being outdoors. I’m always up for a road trip and I enjoy walking in the mountains. I love their natural energy and peacefulness.

Stephanie Lemmer

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