Dear supporters,
Dear partners,
Dear family and friends,

While reading this sentence you probably all know too what regards this statement is written. By now, many of you are affected by the consequences of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. A crisis that should not be taken lightly.

We as a team, together with our universities KU Leuven and Thomas More University College, have decided on Monday the 16th of March that we should take our responsibility as well. We have taken measures that will reduce physical contact between team members amongst each other and team members with partners to zero. There will be made no physical contact in the spirit of our project in hopes that it keeps everyone safe and healthy. We perceive ourselves as hard workers, we will always push ourselves to our own limits to get the best result possible. But we are no longer only pushing our own limits by working together.

This, of course, has consequences for our timeline. Since we will not work on location or in a group, there is only so much we can do to produce and install parts for the Umicore Aurora. We have to keep in mind the possibility of not finishing in time to enter some or even all of the planned competitions.

We want to keep clear communication about this towards the outside world and we hope that we can keep our timeline intact as much as possible. But for now safety, as always, comes first.

This does not mean that we have stopped working altogether. We are keeping our heads up and finishing as much of our work as possible from home. Something we hope everyone is able to do.

We urge everyone to follow the guidelines provided by your governments. These rules are in place to keep everyone safe.

We hope everyone stays healthy and responsible.

We hope to see our teammates soon and we wish other teams the best of luck through these times.

With best regards,
Formula Electric Belgium


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