Post-Graduate with Formula Electric Belgium

How do I apply?

Both the deadlines for the first and second wave have passed. However, this does not mean applying is completely impossible. Convinced you have something to offer to the team? Contact us on

For the vacancies look below.

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Do I qualify

To be part of the Post-Graduate Program you need to be an engineering student in Flanders that is in his or her penultimate or last year. If you do not qualify for this, no worries. You can still be part of the team. Please mail us at

What does it entail?

To give you an idea of what being a member of Formula Electric Belgium means we have made an overview of some of the tasks within the team. These have been subdivided into organizational skills and technical skills. The technical skills are posted as vacancies below. Almost all members of the team have a combination of these skill among there tasks. Some do mainly technical, others mainly organizational. Want more specific examples? Take a look at our team members page to see what every member of the team does this year.

Technical skills

Vehicle Dynamics

Organizational skills

Although there are no real vacancies for the organizational skills it is possible to apply for them.
These are not as strictly defined as the technical skills. Hence why there are no written vacancies.

Team Manager

The team manager will handle the administration of the team. Lead team meetings. And lead the team.

Head of Marketing

The head of marketing will lead the marketing department. This contains: Business Relations,Public Relations, Events, Website, Graphical Design, Business Plan and Recruitment

Head of Operation

The head of operations will lead the operations department. This contains: Workshop, Storage, Logistics and Safety.

Head of R&D

The head of R&D will lead the R&D department where the theses are within the team

Business Relations

Business Relations are responsible for the contact with our partner company’s. They also try and attract new partners.

Public Relations

Public relations is responsible for all shareable content and communication to the press. STEM-classes are also part of public relations.


Event organizes our partner events like for example the Digital Roll-out


The website is an important part of the communication of the team. And has to be kept up to date. And adapted to new situations, like recruitment.

Graphical Design

Graphical design will make all the design of posters, banners, invitations,… of the team.

Business Plan

At every competition a business plan around the car needs to be presented.


Recruitment tries to find the right team members for the next year. Is that you?


Formula Electric works with a large number of partners and is part of many events. Therefor there are a lot of cars and materials that have to be moved across the country.


Working with high voltages, chemicals and power tools means safety is of the upmost importance.


Keeping the workshop organized is important to keep work efficient during production. And in addition make sure everything is safe

Thesis with Formula Electric Belgium

Post-graduate members of the team often do their thesis with the team as well.

But theses are not limited to Post-graduate students. Anybody can apply to do their thesis with the team. If you are interested in this feel free to mail to

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