Our Team 2018

Team Manager

Arthur Coppieters

As the new team manager of Formula Electric Belgium, I will make sure the team is always on the same page while staying in contact with lots of different parties. This also includes keeping track of the finances and the overall workings of the team. Keeping contact with the university is also part of my job description. For this I’m on the board of directors of Technovation Hub, an organization that manages the different team projects of the university.

In my spare time, I am a volunteer in a railway museum and I also play music.

Chief Engineer

Stijn Verheyen

Formula electric Belgium is a unique opportunity to experience what it is to be a real engineer instead of just sitting behind school benches. Besides technical prowess, I also gain an arsenal of soft skills. I welcome the change from combustion to electric cars and want to play an active part in this transition.

As chief engineer, I am responsible for the overall cohesion of the car. It is my job to make sure everything fits and works together harmoniously by creating a 3D CAD assembly. Knowing the entire car and keeping an overview of every part are crucial to succeed as chief engineer. I am really looking forward to creating the new Formula electric Belgium car.

Beside my studies I sing in the university choir (LUK) and do sport.

Head of Marketing

Willem T'Hooft

During the past years as an engineering student, I found team projects to be the most valuable. I admired projects such as Formula Electric Belgium the first years of my higher education. The team dynamic, the end product and everything in between drew me into joining this adventure. I never was much of a motorsport enthousiast. Of course this is something that lives in a racing team and this faded on to me. You are easily drawn into the team atmosphere and feel part of something more than just an educational program.

As head of marketing I am repsonsible for everything concerning our partners, media, public relations and events. 

Next to Formula Electric Belgium, music and sports are great passions in my life. I love jamming with my friends, in my band and on my own. Playing sports with friends is important to me, not only to stay healthy but also to relieve stress.

Head of Electromechanical Design

Jasper Verbruggen

My interest in cars and motorsport are the reason I became an engineer. Formula Electric Belgium gave me the opportunity to develop my technological insight about race cars and allows me to gain practical skills. For me, it is also important to improve my soft-skills. As head of electromechanical design, I need to combine these skills. Not only do I have to make sure that the suspension, the monocoque and the steering system all fit together to create a race car with nice driving characteristics, but I’m also responsible for the development of the powertrain.

Besides that, I watch every F1 race, play the guitar and also play football.


Head of R&D

Arno Geysen

I joined the Formula Electric Belgium team because I wanted to see if I was able to build or design something with all the knowledge I had acquired during the last few years and to see if I am able to function in a real engineering team. This year, I am in charge of the suspension and vehicle dynamics of the new car. This mainly involves determining spring/damper configuration and building a vehicle dynamics model. Even though this is a technical function, it requires a lot of teamwork as well.

Besides that I am also head of R&D. This means guiding master thesis students throughout the year in such a way that their results are useful for this car or the next.

Head of Operations

Jelle Vanton

This project gives me the opportunity to develop my soft skills. Formula Electric Belgium forms the perfect bridge between the rather theoretical studies and the more practical business life. In the team, I am responsible for the casing of the battery and the drives. In addition, I am also head of operations, which is mainly related to logistics.

In my free time, I try to ride my bike and enjoy nature as much as possible.

Head of Electronics

Thomas Meyers

Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated by race cars. Being in a racing team was one of many amazing dreams, which I fulfilled by joining the team. I’m head of electronics in the team, I’m responsible to guide the other electronics engineers in the team to realize their designs. I also work on the battery of the car together with Joppe, Yentl and Jelle.

During my years in the team, I would like to learn how to develop good products and master how to work together with a team to reach grand achievements. Working in a team like this also allows me to improve my networking skills and teaches me how to reach out to companies to collaborate with.

In my free time, I play badminton on competition level and train the youth of my club. I like to go karting, since I love to race, and from time to time I go on a bike trip.

Head of Software & Controls

Peter Sacharias

The reason I joined Formula Electric Belgium is because it connects three of my interests. First there are electric cars which have interested me since I was little. Next there is racing which I've always enjoyed and still love. Thirdly, there is the software component.  

Last year I learned a lot about the electronics of the car but this year I'm looking for a new challenge. The controls of an electric race car are a big program using lots of sensors to control the car. The optimisation of this software and the improvement of the programming are points that I find very interesting. This is why I'm head of software this year.   

In my spare time, I like to play the guitar and practice karate.

Head of Support

Michiel Van den Brandt

As an alumnus of the team I still wanted to be involved with it. That is why I chose the role of Head of Support. With this function I would like - as the name implies - support the team with knowledge and hands on experience. Also I want to improve the transfer of knowledge and the relationship between the team and the alumni. I have been in the team for two years as a team member.


Gert-Jan Paulus

Formula Electric Belgium gives me the opportunity to practice my soft- and technical skills. My major learning goal is the management experience that I gain during the year. Together with Wannes I’m responsible for the cooling system of the car and the business relations of the team. Beside this I’m the EHS manager of the team, which means I have to take care of the health and safety of the team members.

In my spare time, I’m a volunteer at Vleugel F, a youth organization in Leuven. Besides this I’m a youth trainer in badminton and occasionally I go for a run.

Wannes Vanheusden

This project gives me the possibility to practice both my technical and soft skills. It brings me into contact with a professional working environment while maintaining the flexible dynamic of a student start-up. I am in charge of the cooling of the car, this includes the cooling of the four motors, the power electronics and the battery pack. Furthermore, I’m also responsible for the smooth communication with partners as well as the press.

Besides this, I am also active in the scouts where I’m guiding youngsters for my fifth year now.

Lode Van Assche

My main motivation to be part of Formula Electric Belgium is my intention to gain extra soft-skills that you can’t learn at the university. It gives me opportunity to flourish as an engineer, an experience that I can’t get anywhere else. It’s also a perfect way to bring my technical knowledge into practice. This season, I work on the drivetrain of the car. This implies the gearbox and the in-wheel components.

Dries Van Den Bergh

The reason I joined Formula Electric Belgium was to test and practice my knowledge and soft skills. I see this project as a link between my studies and work as an engineer, easing the transition between the school benches and a professional working environment. This year I will work on the in wheel components and the gearbox.


Jordi Van de Velde

Hello! My name is Jordi Van de Velde and this year I work together with Annabel, Bram and Wout to create the monocoque of our car. I will also make the seat so the driver sits comfy while racing. I chose to be part of Formula Electric because I want to create something with all the things I’ve learned in my bachelor. I also like to work in team so I can develop my soft skills and meet new people with the same interest of building an electric race car!

In my free time, I love to travel the world and do adventure sports like snowboarding, rock climbing and surfing.

Wout Scheerlinck

My name is Wout Scheerlinck. Formula Electric Belgium offers me the perfect environment for developing my soft skills as an engineer. After ‘sitting benches’ for 3 years during my bachelor, it is time to learn how to use all this knowledge in a more practical way. Learning this by designing, producing and assembling a race-car, is a boy’s dream coming true.
This year, I am responsible for the production of the monocoque. A monocoque is the chassis of the car made out of carbon fiber.

Bram Robberechts

When I heard about formula electric, and that we could participate in the team, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I should take this opportunity. Beside my interest in cars it’s also the perfect step between my studies as an engineer, that are mostly theoretical, and my later career. In this project I will not only enhance my technical skills but also get a chance to further improve my soft skills by working in a team.

This year I will be designing and building the monocoque, together with Wout, Jordi and Annabel. In my spare time, i’m also an active member of the Scouts and play soccer.

Christophe Jacobs

This is the second year I will be part of Formula Electric Belgium. The reason I joined the team is to gain extra soft-skills. Learning how to communicate in a team, how to negotiate and how to be an entrepreneur are competences you achieve within the team and are skills which are indispensable for the engineer of today. Besides that, joining Formula Electric Belgium means that my technical knowledge will also increase. This year, I will do the design and production of the aerodynamic package.

Seppe Verstraeten

I’ve been interested in fast cars and motorcycles my entire life. This is also the reason why I joined Formula Electric Belgium. Being able to build an electric race car that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds is just awesome! This project gives me the possibility to practice both my technical and my soft-skills. It’s my second year in the team now, last year I was responsible for suspension and steering, this year I’m focusing on the aerodynamics.

Besides race cars I like to visit the gym every once in a while and hit some shots on the golf course.

Sébastien Porignon

Last year I did my thesis at Formula Electric Belgium. The combination of technical research, communication, hand-on work experience and responsibility made it one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. Therefore, I am innovation manager this year. I help Arno guide the thesis students and make sure that the students deliver a good thesis at the end of the year for the team as well as for the faculty.

Besides that, I will be developing an active DRS system for the car.

Electronics & Software

Joppe Weustenraad

As long as I can remember, I have loved building things with my hands and creating something starting from scratch. Being part of Formula Electric Belgium not only gives me the opportunity to realise this, but also allows me to use my technical knowledge in a practical way. I'm certain this experience will guide me to discover how I would like to use my knowledge after graduation. I work on the battery pack and add telemetry technology to the car. The public relations and media of the team are two other subjects I work on. With these last two and the fact I'm working with an amazing team, I hope to further develop my soft skills.

In my personal time, I play the drums in a coverband. Besides this, I’m a volunteer at Speelpleinwerking De Saenhoeve, a youth organization.


Yentl Frickx

What attracts me the most to Formula Electric Belgium is the soft skill side. Besides that, there is an interesting practical component that we can practice. As engineers, we work in teams for the rest of our career and this is why soft skills are so important. That’s also why I want to develop mine as much as possible. A project like this is perfect to do so, communication and working efficiently together are very important within the team.

Then there is the practical side: when studying, the focus is on theory but in this project we can use that theory to make something practical and amazing. As an electronics student, this project is perfect to use my knowledge. Together with Joppe, I develop a telemetry system the coming year. This means that we will be able to read out data like speed, temperature and so on wirelessly. Apart from that, I also work with Thomas Meyers and Joppe to make the battery pack.

Tibo Theuwis

After four years of studying at the university, it is time to put all my acquired knowledge and skills in electronics to the test. I will do this by designing a new dashboard, together with Willem. The cable loom and CAN bus (responsible for all the communication inside the car) will also get a complete overhaul by Thomas Willems and me.

Soft skills are also an important aspect of the project, which is something you don’t learn by simply following courses at the university. I therefore hope to further develop these skills by putting them into practice with a PR-function within the team.

Thomas Willems

A year within the team has passed and in my opinion, I have already acquired more practical skills now than from my previous years at the university combined. Formula Electric Belgium has given me the comfort of knowing I will be ready for the job market next year. It has given me the chance to develop the technical and soft skills required for the job that I want to do. This year I will further improve my technical skills in embedded systems by developing the ECU as my master thesis.


Alexander De Backer

Since my childhood I’ve always been attracted by everything that moves, especially cars. I really love all the technique and innovations that goes in creating a new car or formula 1 car. When I heard about this Formula Electric project which is being made and run by students, it immediately took my attention. I wanted to be a part of something like this for a long time. It is a great oppertunity to get contacts with the automotive sector, learn how to work in a team and put all our lectures in practical use.

Ben Teugels

To complete my master as an automotive engineer I have to make a thesis about something technical. The subject that’s being chosen have to be studied for a whole year. I guess only good results can be obtained when a certain passion is involved. In my spare time I’m doing a lot of DIY projects were technical skills and knowledge have to be used. Most of these projects are car related. There is probably only one chance in a lifetime to be able to help engineering a formula electric race car. So the decision to join the team was easily made. The subject I chose is an outrunner braking system. I hope this can help me to become a better engineer.

Cédric Van der Auwermeulen

As long as I can remember I have been passionated with cars and the formula 1 racing championship. So when I heard about Formula Electric Belgium at my campus I was immediately interested in joining the team. Now I am a part of the team my motivation has never been greater. Together with Kobe I will do my thesis about the design and implementation of a new kind of suspension. This type is used in F1. It makes use of an extra spring so the suspension can be modified in a better way.

David Desmet

I’m David, a 21 year old engineering student from Ghent. I’ve always liked motorsports, and the technology surrounding them. Joining Formula Electric Belgium seems like a great opportunity to experience motorsports from a different perspective. I also want to learn more about composites and their applications, and in this case working with a great team like FEB is the way to go. This year, Alexander and I will be designing and simulating a monocoque that uses unidirectional carbon fiber to be stronger and lighter for our master’s thesis.

Gilles Bodart

It has always been my dream to work as a mechanical engineer in a racing team. With Formula Electric Belgium, this dream has become true. I will be working this year on my thesis with subject: Model development for event-time assessment of optimal vehicle setup parameters. To explain this in a nutshell, I will have to make a vehicle model of the new car to see which parameters need to be adjusted to perform an optimal vehicle setup for some given conditions.

Gilles Servais

When I was a young boy I was already very interested in fast cars and I was always looking for the fastest one in the Top Gear magazine. Even now a car doing 0-100 km/h in 3s sounds very impressive to me and having the chance right now to work on a very fast race car is even more impressive. My motivation to join the team is not only the attractiveness of an electric race car but also in the opportunity to increase my soft skills and to practice the theoretical knowledge I achieved during the past years.

This year, doing my thesis, I will work on the pedal box with Lander Adriaansen. In my free time I like cycling with the local bike club and I do some bike repairs as well.

Indy Holsbeek

Since I was a little boy, I’ve been fascinated by how things worked, moved and how they were made.
Throughout my childhood, I learned from my dad how the products fabricated and how the industrial machines were made and works in the factory where he worked.
This gave me a lot of technical insight. A lot of my spare time I spend on being creative with friends. We always were disassembling old components to design and manufacturing new things, We all had the same goal: going as fast as possible.

This is why racing is one of greatest passions. Formula one in particular. It’s a perfect example of engineering that can develop something controllable, fast and safe. When I first heard about the Formula Student project in engineering school. Which led me to the Formula Electric Belgium race team.


The team gave my student colleague Mathias Den Hondt and me the opportunity to do our master’s thesis. This will contain research about optimizing the cooling block for the drives in a Formula student race car.

They give me an excellent opportunity to combine many passions and gain a massive amount of experience.


Jelle Bosmans

One of many reasons I wanted to stay with the team, as alumnus,  is the great atmosphere they’ve developed. I wanted to give something back. I hope I can give some helpful information during the development process of the new cars.

The reason i joined the formula electric Belgium team stands on three pillars. Pillar one stands for my passion for racing cars. The second pillar represents the motivation to improve. Very much like R&D and motorsport, it’s always a quest to make something better.  The last pillar stands for teamwork. Working as a group to achieve a goal gives me great satisfaction. Also the feedback from teammates is very helpful to improve a component or myself.

Jelle Segers

I mainly joined the Formula Electric team to test myself and to make sure I can do something practical with all the knowledge I gained at university. Joining the team is also an excellent preparation into the career market. I will further develop my technical skills and my soft skills. This year I will write my thesis for FEB, I will design and manufacture semi-active dampers for the new race car.

Beside this project I like sports like waterpolo and mountain biking.      

Jonas Vermeulen

Since I was a little boy I loved cars. I loved the looks, the sound and the speed. My interest in cars and racing was always present and now I watch every F1 grand prix as well as other races, to see the technology in motorsports work. Being able to be part of a team building a race car would have sounded like a dream a few years ago, but has become a reality. This year I will be part of the team as a masters’ thesis student to do research on, and develop a floating front wing mechanism.

Kobe Soetemans

My whole life I’ve had a strong interest in cars and motorbikes, actually anything that has wheels on it. It didn’t take long before Formula Electric came to my attention, directly being a spot on motivation to work hard for the bachelor-years. And also a motivation to work hard this year, as I’ll be doing my thesis with Cédric. We will research and implement a new way of suspension. In my spare time I like to work on motorcycles and ride them once they’re finished.

Lander Adriaansen

I’ve always had a big interest in cars and how they work. Joining this team was a great opportunity for me to realize my dream, making a race car! After 3 years of studying I’m glad I finally can really make something. I think this is a great opportunity to learn how to work in teams. Together with my friend and colleague Gilles Servais I will make the pedalbox for the car. This will also be a great opportunity for me to get some practical experience.

Mathias Den Hondt

I’ve been interested in cars from an early age. This is the reason why I chose Formula Electric Belgium. I also wanted to see if I could do something with the knowledge I have acquired during the years in college and to see if I was able to function in an engineering team. This year I’m responsible for optimizing the cooling of the drives. Besides this project I regularly go swimming and running.

Michaël Windels

Hi, My name is Michael and i was fascinated by the formula electric car when i first saw it three years ago and finaly it’s my turn to help the team build a better car for next year. Ben Teugels and myself will be joining the research and development team specifically trying to improve the hydraulic brakes.

Sander de Kam

Hello my name is Sander de Kam. Formula Student launched a new category next to combustion and electrical cars. Now there is also a competition for driverless race cars. Jonathan Vermunicht and I will be investigating this new route so maybe in the future, Formula Electric Belgium can swap to this division of the competition. We will do research to all the necessary elements in order to make the car driverless as well as designing the autonomous steering and braking.

I joined this team because I have a big interest in motorsport and I would like to learn the ropes of this world. Theory is not enough for me, I’d like to put my knowledge into practice as well. Seeing the race car perform on track, knowing you and your team have worked very hard for it, is the biggest sense of accomplishment for me.

Next to the studies I play tennis and play the piano.

Sébastien Arend

Race car engineer. This is the motivation that pushed me to start my engineering studies at the university. The possibility to experience this before finishing these studies, as well as the practical application of theoretical knowledge and the acquiring of extra soft-skills, led me to the Formula Electric Belgium team.
I will be working on the controls of the car. More specifically, I will extend the existing Torque Vectoring system, who was first introduced in previous season. This helps the driver to push the car to its limit and gain higher performance.

Thomas Parton

My motivation to join Formula Electric Belgium is the opportunity it offers to finetune engineering skills while competing against other racing teams from across the globe. Formula Electric Belgium also closes the gap between learning technical and soft skills at the university and applying them in a professional environment. My job will be to develop the electronic control unit (ECU) together with Thomas Willems as part of our master thesis.

In my spare time, I enjoy running and mountain biking in the forest and watching motorsports.



Valentijn Van Dyck

As with a lot of other car enthusiasts, being on a race team is a dream of mine. Therefore, joining Formula Electric Belgium was a quick decision.  
Not only will my knowledge around cars augment, my social skills will also enhance since working in group is the key to success.
Yoeri and I make our thesis around the aerodynamics of the Umicore Nova. The reason I chose aerodynamics is simple.  I'm really interested in cars and planes and my favourite courses are fluid mechanics, car dynamics and finite element analyses. All the knowledge provided in these courses are present in the aerodynamic aspects of a car. In my spare time I love to play american football.

Yoeri Legrand

What I especially like about the Formula Electric project is to work together in a team. Working on a bigger whole and finally seeing the result is a big plus for me. This is why I chose to be part of this team.

Together with Valentijn I will do my thesis around the aerodynamics of the car. I find aerodynamics very interesting, but unfortunately this is not included in our study program. I hope to improve my skills and gain some knowledge about this subject.

In my free time I like to play basketball and listening to music.

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