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Umicore Nova

Nova is the third car built by Formula Electric. It is the first four wheel driven car. It has a single piece monocoque, an adjustable suspension system. It has four in wheel motors, complete with an in-wheel gearbox surrounded by a 3D printed aluminum cooling jacket. The power comes from a modular battery system containing 9 independent modules.



145    203     2.6

Power (kW)      Weight (kg)         0-100 km/h (sec)


Umicore Isaac

Isaac is the second car built by Formula Electric. It features a single piece carbon fiber reinforced polymer monocoque, self designed electric motors, a full aero package, carbon fiber 10 inch rims and a fully adjustable, light weight suspension system.


120 217
Power (kW) Weight (kg) 0-100 km/h (sec)


Umicore Luna

Luna is the first car ever built by Formula Electric, the collaboration between Formula Group T and Thomas More Innovation. This combination allowed the newly found team to produce their own electric permanent magnet motors, specificalle made to fit their needs. Luna was also the first car to have an aero package to create more downforce. The team also made the step to self designed carbon fiber 10 inch rims that further lowered the total weight of the car.

120 213
Power (kW) Weight (kg) 0-100 km/h (sec)



June is the third car developed by Formula Group T. This car features the first ever carbon fiber monocoque. Furthermore, the team produced a custom planetary gear box, focusing on making it as lightweight as possible and being able to reduce the weight of the transmission by 75%. This resulted in a significant weight loss of 30 kg compared to its predecessor Eve. 

85 230  2.7
Power (kW) Weight (kg) 0-100 km/h (sec)


UTM II is the third car by Thomas More Innovation, It features a steel tubular spaceframe with flax fiber bodywork.


85 290  4.1
Power (kW) Weight (kg) 0-100 km/h (sec)



Eve is the second car developed by Formula Group T. The car had the same basic concept as the previous car, but introduced a wide variety of new systems, solutions and improvements. The innovations on the car include a new gearbox, titanium printed uprights, 3D-printed air intake duct and a carbon fiber battery casing.

85 260  3.2
Power (kW) Weight (kg) 0-100 km/h (sec)


UTM I is the second car built by Thomas More Innovation, It was designed to be smaller and shorter than the previous one. The goal was to design a more ambitious car, with less room for error and tighter space to work with.

85 300  4.1
Power (kW) Weight (kg) 0-100 km/h (sec)


The name Areion comes from Greek mythology, it is an immortal, strong and swift horse. Strong, swift and immortal are exactly those characteristics the team wanted to achieve with Areion. A fast, agile car which will set history in the future of Formula Group T.



340  4.1
Power (kW) Weight (kg) 0-100 km/h (sec)


LRT 02

The LRT 02 features a fully electric drivetrain, a steel tubular space frame design and a body of flax fiber.


120 340  4.1
Power (kW) Weight (kg) 0-100 km/h (sec)


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